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With the economic crunch America is facing, Free the Children Coalition claims 2009 is the perfect time to launch their much anticipated crusade exposing financial fraud that is occurring in locations all over the United States at the hands of social service departments “tour de CPS programs”.


The year 2009 promises to be a huge success and paving for Free the Children Coalition in its national effort to expose the names and positions of persons involved in what it claims is “child trafficking” and “bootlegging children”, terms that can easily be attributed and documented as child running going in the United States under the professional business entity of CPS – Child Protection Services.


Free the Children Coalition, a group of people which include Lobbyists, Clergymen and women, Congressmen and Congresswomen, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and other concerned citizens  is organized for the purpose of exposing social services, CPS, their affiliates, associates and agents for Financial Fraud i.e., mishandling of government funds; Judicial Fraud, i.e, judical misconduct via violation of due process; Child Trafficking; Parent / Family Alienation; 1st, 4th and 14th Constitutional Rights violations and mainly for Violation of Children and Family Rights  i.e., violation of the constitutional rights of the people to conduct, hold and have a family unit. 


Free the Children Coalition by way of its parent and affiliate partners also participates in communities all over the nation as Parent / Child Reunification Plan Advocates.  Free the Children Coalition has been monitoring the social service departments to ensure that the system is acting in the best interest of the FAMILY UNIT which INCLUDES the CHILD and that the government funding being asked for by social service department heads is actually being utilized for the purposes that it is claiming to the governmental banking entities that is says.


Free the Children Coalition has found that CPS departments are in fact NOT utilizing governmental funds for the programs they are claiming they have, and furthermore CPS departments are alleging they have REUNIFICATION programs that it in fact does not have or they are in fact violating their plan programs and breaching their contracts with the parents they enter into these agreements with, thereby misusing governmental funding, i.e., our tax dollars.


To date, Free the Children Coalition has adequate resources and research reports to prove CPS is and has been for some time infringing upon the people’s rights, as well as molesting the people, including the very children it’s acronym purports to be “protecting”.  Free the Children Coalition will not tolerate this  behavior by an entity designed to protect the children.


In addition to its legislative reform agendas, Free the Children Coalition’s primary focus and areas of concern are as follows:  Parent and child advocacy during CPS / DSS' tenure of family reunification plan by attending and assisting the parents in all meetings and court proceedings involving CPS / DSS hearings involving the "best interest of the child" and / or "reunification plans"; Parent-alienation legislative advocacy   and  Adoption and Open adoption fraud legislative advocacy.


As previously stated, Free the Children Coalition will not tolerate this misappropriation of governmental funding, i.e, tax dollars, it is securing to “protect” children.  Free the Children Coalition has launched its agenda nationally and will proceed accordingly in 2009 to include attendance at the national DC Rally previously directed and headed by the deceased Minister Ronald Smith of Children Need Both Parents of Michigan.


For more information or to schedule public appearances contact:


Belinda F. Puntanen @

832-488-5220 or @


Robert Menendez reintroduced The MOTHERS Act in the Senate on Monday, January 26, 2009. Bobby Rush reintroduced it in the House on January 6 2009.

Here is a link to Evelyn Pringle's article on The MOTHERS Act - very informative with documented info on the payments from drug companies to some of the front groups pushing for the bill.

Here is a list of all the psychiatric interventions given to the bill's namesake. Melanie Stokes would be dishonored by this bill. (Background: here is an article analyzing recent remarks made by Melanie Stokes' mother which strongly allude to a belief in a need for forced psychiatric treatment). 


By James Roger Brown, Director, THE SOCIOLOGY CENTER


James Roger Brown is the director of THE SOCIOLOGY CENTER.

The Advisory was sent by e-mail to every Prosecutor and State Attorney General in the United States. It has also been posted on several websites.

It is published here with the kind consent of the author.

The recent horror story of a fifteen-month delay in Florida officials discovering that foster child Rilya Wilson had apparently been kidnapped by persons knowledgeable of the inner workings of the child protection system was due to the systematic falsification of child protection system records. This falsification of child protection system records is part of a national pattern of organized crime. It is not an isolated incident.


The Rilya Wilson case is the tip of a criminal iceberg. Beginning about 1973, criminal elements in the mental health and social work professions began cooperating to construct an organized criminal enterprise that exploits children behind the legislated secrecy of the child protection, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. The contemporary end result is a nationwide organized criminal operation that uses everything from sophisticated science-fraud-based "evaluation" instruments structured to produce false positives to third party state service contracts written to sustain a system of structural corruption in which state employees and contract service providers must falsify records and testimony or they will not continue to be employed or paid.


To maintain their existence, organized criminal operations must construct management bureaucracies with policies and procedures necessary to sustain daily operations, just like any other bureaucracy. The only adaptation required to run criminal operations in the government and quasi-government agencies which constitute the child protection system is that they must be integrated into the policies and procedures of the umbrella agency and not be detected as components of a criminal bureaucracy.


The existence of organized crime in the child protection system of any given state is not that difficult to detect. Prominent among the indicators are:

(1) the annual number of founded child abuse allegations can be predicted from the number of conditional federal grant and reimbursement salary fund dollars needed to balance the state child protection agency payroll (the number of children taken into state custody each year will be the number sufficient to generate the federal fund claims necessary to balance the agency payroll); and

(2) third party contracts to file state child protection agency federal fund claims will contain provisions that only compensate the contractor for increases in federal funds paid to the state over and above the amount paid in the previous contract for such claim filing services. The latter creates a system that will only result in compensation to the contractor if the number of children taken into state custody constantly increases and/or the total claims generated from each child in state custody increases each contract cycle. The net result is a system in which everyone stays employed only if the number of founded child abuse cases and children taken into state custody always increases and never decreases. An important byproduct of this criminal process of exploiting children independent of the true child abuse rate is the blind political support for the criminal operations generated by the constant flow of conditional federal funds into the respective State's economy. In the Rilya Wilson case, even the Foster Mother continued to receive and accept payments for the care of Rilya over a year after the child disappeared. Caseworkers reportedly told her to take the money.


There are similar lessons to be drawn from the embarrassment of the Bush Administration over numerous ignored warnings that Osama bin Laden planned to hijack planes and fly them into buildings and the embarrassment of Florida Officials having to explain fifteen months of falsified child protection records, sworn court testimony that Rilya Wilson was in Florida State custody and doing fine, and falsified federal fund claims for services delivered to a child that may have been dead the entire time. After the collapse of the World Trade Center , both the American Public and terrorists worldwide now know the United States is vulnerable to attack, due in large part to corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in intelligence and law enforcement agencies. After the Rilya Wilson case in Florida , the Public and every child molester, pornographer and other criminal who need children for their misdeeds know that the corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in the child protection system can be exploited as cover to acquire children for their own illicit purposes. What happened to Rilya Wilson in Florida can happen in any state where the current organized criminal exploitation of children is allowed to continue. Sooner or later other criminals, including child molesters and child pornographers, are going to become sufficiently aware of the mechanisms the current organized criminals are using to manage their criminal bureaucracy that they will also be able to exploit the system, as were the people who reportedly kidnapped Rilya Wilson and returned a week later to collect her clothes. Among the obvious possibilities is obtaining information about the criminal activity (falsifying federal claims, official reports, insurance claims, etc.) of individual state employees or licensed professionals, like psychiatrists and psychologist, and blackmailing them to allow access to children for criminal exploitation or perversion.


Of major importance to prosecutors is that the systematic falsification of records by child protection system crime participants in psychiatry, psychology, social work and child abuse investigation units, results in the systematic falsification of evidence used in child related criminal and civil judicial proceedings. While it may be tempting not to look to closely at experts and evidence which make convictions easier, relying on criminals who help conceal their nefarious enterprises by providing convenient services to the people who should be prosecuting them is a house of cards that will collapse locally or nationally at some point. We have the contemporary examples of the falsification of evidence in the Los Angeles Police Department and the newly documented error rate in death row convictions.


Unless something is done to shut down the organized criminal activity in every state in which it exists, Rilya Wilson is not going to be the last horror story to capture national attention. Careers will be ruined, as they have been in Florida , and people will end up going to prison for crimes far beyond what they thought they were getting themselves into by falsifying a few reports to get federal funds into the state or for insurance claims. Prosecutors, Legislators, and other state officials who thought they were benefiting their state by looking the other way because federal funds were coming into the state's economy, may end up having to face situations far uglier than they ever thought. Former Arkansas State Senator Nick Wilson is now in federal prison for his sponsorship and participation in one such legislated criminal enterprise to exploit children. Other Arkansas attorneys involved lost their licenses to practice law. An Austin , Texas DHS Supervisor committed suicide after allegedly being caught running a foster child prostitution ring from his office computer. In a recent Arkansas Legislative Session, a bill drafted by Arkansas Department of Human Services employees was discovered to contain provisions that would have required employees to lie about records and facts, even if subpoenaed. The bill was withdrawn once the Legislator duped into being the primary sponsor was made aware of its contents. In a June 6, 2002, opinion, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that an infant Arkansas citizen had been illegally transferred to Florida State custody in what was essentially an interstate criminal conspiracy to seize and transport children in complete disregard of State and Federal law. (See Arkansas Department of Human Services v Cox, Supreme Court of Arkansas No. 01-1021, 349ark, issue 3, sc 9, 6 June 2002


The important point being that these child protection system criminals will be pushing the envelop on what they can get away with, as in these examples, and sometimes that envelop will rupture, as in the Rilya Wilson case, exposing not only the criminals but government officials and private citizens who were indirectly benefiting from the criminal activity. The important question being how sophisticated, brutal and embarrassing will organized crime in the child protection system be allowed to become before it is addressed.


In the hope that my documentation of how the organized crime bureaucracy functions in the child protection system will help prevent any repeats of the Rilya Wilson horror story, I draw the material to your attention. Below is the master link page address for six articles I have written on how crime in the child protection is created, organized and managed. The six articles will provide an overview of the context in which a child's kidnapping can be concealed for over a year. Although written for the popular media, each article contains detailed instructions on how to detect various mechanisms used by organized criminals operating in the child protection system to sustain their operations. Part II contains a formula for determining if the annual number of founded child abuse allegations can accurately be predicted from the number of conditional federal salary fund dollars needed to balance the child protection agency payroll.


See links to Parts I-VI of "Crime Management in Government" at:


I sincerely hope you will use this information to determine if the child protection system in your state has an organized crime problem. I do not want to see any more stories like that of Rilya Wilson, when I know they can be prevented by ending the influence of organized crime in the child protection system.


If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at:


James Roger Brown



P.O. Box 2075

Little Rock, AR 72115


The Rilya Wilson Case


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Social services failed miserably, Virk family says

2:50 mins

Mar 15, 2008



In order for us to use your signature in any political reformation movement, we must have your full name, address, telephone number and any other pertinent information.  A FORMAL PETITION will be circulated shortly via e-mail for electronic signatures to be utilized for real PETITION formation and submission to the correct political individuals.


Please keep this in mind and when you receive the request to sign, please endorse as instructed.


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If you enter Belinda Puntanen in your web browser, these are the hits you will get:

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Adoption Search Blog - Petition for Adoption Fraud

The petition was submitted by Belinda Puntanen and any questions regarding the petition should be directed to her through the above referenced link. ... - 42k - Cached - Similar pages



The goal of this petition is to make officials aware of the fraud involved in the acquirement of federal funds for the continuing operation of municipal child protection service/social service programs, to force officials to address these governmental fraud issues that involve the lives and safety of innocent children in the United States of America and that are sabotaging and destroying the family unit.

The wording of the petition is as follows.

“WE THE PEOPLE, want the higher authorities and powers that be in this nation to be aware of, recognize, address and correct the fraud involved in the acquirement of federal funding that is acquired by local Child Protection Service and Social Service municipal entities, i.e., cities, counties, etc. so that they may continue to operate, i.e, "have jobs". These municipal entities, are lying, cheating, stealing funds and children in order to continue to secure their jobs. If they have no children in their departments and care, they have NO JOB!! The authorities in the CPS and social service departments are reporting to "boards" that are on a local level and are protected by their own counsel. Child Protection Services and Social Service Departments are reporting to no one but themselves.

WE THE PEOPLE demand that they be accountable to someone other than themselve.

It is WE THE PEOPLE, not We The System.

WE THE PEOPLE demand our children returned to our immediate care and custody.

WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate the abuse, abduction and destroying of our children and our families.

WE THE PEOPLE request the attention and assistance of all political figures to stop CPS and Open Adoption Fraud.
At the time that this blog is being written there are 2 signature on the petition. The goal is to obtain 10,000 signatures. Per the website, there is no deadline but rather ongoing.

The petition was submitted by Belinda Puntanen and any questions regarding the petition should be directed to her through the above referenced link.



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KGF FOUNDATION & FREE THE CHILDREN COALITION do not agree to all comments posted by 2nd or 3rd parties in articles.  KGF and FTCC are SUPPORTERS OF THE FAMILY UNIT AND FOR RESTORATION OF ALL THAT THE ENEMY HAS STOLEN FROM THESE PEOPLE.  We do not support or advocate for abuse to children or to the parents.  We support and pray for healing and restoration in the Nation and in the family unit... NO MATTER WHICH PARTY NEEDS IT.......... the Government or the family members.  Endorsed and quoted by Rev. Belinda F. Puntanen-Miller, ICP, CCC.  November 17, 2007.

Critic says Arizona places too many children in foster care

By Howard Fischer

Capitol Media Services

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 08.20.2007


PHOENIX - Arizona is removing too many neglected children from their homes that would be better left with their parents, according to a national critic of child welfare policies.


Richard Wexler who runs the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, said Arizona has responded to reports in prior years of child abuse by hiring more caseworkers and putting more children into foster care. That includes a 2003 change in state law, pushed by Gov. Janet Napolitano, which pecifically deemphasized the goal of Child Protective Services to preserve the family unit. But he said evidence shows that, in most cases, children do better when kept in their homes.


Wexler said, though, that requires a lot more money to help the parents with counseling and other services than the Legislature has been willing to provide. And even with his report, Sen. Linda Gray, R-Glendale, who sponsored his visit to Arizona, said she is not yet willing to commit to spending the $54 million he said would be necessary.


His visit was timed specifically to influence planned legislative hearings next months on the deaths of three Tucson children. That is because Wexler also is advocating for opening more records and court hearings of child welfare cases to the public.


Former state Rep. Laura Knaperek, R-Tempe, who has been an advocate for open access to records, said efforts have been thwarted by arguments by Janet Napolitano -- first as attorney general and more recently as governor -- that such moves would result in the loss of federal dollars. But Knaperek said that hasn't happened in other states which have more public access than Arizona.


"It's a red herring,'' she said. "We can open court cases. And we can also protect the child as much as possible.'' Jeanine L'Ecuyer, the governor's press aide, had no comment on the contention.


Wexler said his belief children do better at home is buttressed by a study released in July by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released earlier this year. Joseph Doyle who tracked 15,000 youngsters from 1990 to 2002, concluded those who stay in their homes are less likely to become juvenile delinquent or become pregnant as teens and are more likely to hold jobs as young adults.


Wexler said Arizona adopted policies which err on the side of removing a child from a potentially dangerous home situation. He said that occurred because of high profile reports of child abuse and deaths.


Wexler said there are cases where children who are being beaten or sexually abused need to be taken from homes for their own protection. But he said those are the minority.


"I'm talking about the cases that didn't make the headlines a few years ago and don't make the headlines now,'' he said.


"We had these horrifying cases so we took away more kids,'' Wexler continued, yet the number of "horrifying cases'' did not abate. "It didn't work.''


Ken Deibert, a deputy director of the state Department of Economic Security, said the number of children in "out of home care'' is nearly 2 percent less now than a year ago.


But that trend is only recent: The number of children placed out of their homes went from 6,104 at the end of March 2002 to 9,902 the same time last year; it was down to 9,773 at the end of this past March.


"We have put more emphasis on providing in-home services,'' Deibert said.


"We are expanding across the state our involvement in the Family to Family Initiative which focuses on keeping as many children in their homes when it can be done safely as possible.''


Laurie Roberts' Columns & Blog

Why 12-year-old Trenay had to die

We now know why 12-year-old Trenay Duchane was beaten, scalded and left to die on her bedroom floor.

She didn't clean her room.

We now know why Treshae Duchane was left for days in that one-bedroom apartment with her sister's body, injured herself and traumatized beyond anything most of us can imagine.

Daddy just didn't give a damn.

Daddy isn't alone.

Fifty children in this state died of abuse in 2005, the last year for which numbers are available. That's nearly one dead child a week, most of them not yet 5 years old. The numbers for 2006 should be out any day now, but I'm confident we'll exceed last year's record. We always do.

Meanwhile, the Legislature convenes in 58 days, with a $600 million deficit and a crying need for do far more – not less -- to protect kids.

Heavy emphasis on the word: crying.

 “It's one of the worst cases of homicide that I've ever been involved with,” said Phoenix Sgt. Andy Hill, a cop for 24 years.

According to court records, Trenay evidently angered her “stepmother”, 25-year-old Reiko Troupe, on Nov. 6 because the girl didn't clean her room. So, of course, Troupe ordered the girl into the tub and turned on the hot water.

Nine-year-old Treshae would later tell police that she heard her sister screaming that day as she scrambled to escape the scalding water. She said Troupe then whipped the girl with an electrical cord (and a broomstick, according to police) and trapped her against the wall, punching her in the face until she passed out.

Meanwhile, daddy comes home, finds his daughter dead or dying and does, well, nothing. For the next few days, Jeffery Duchane, 34, would go to work, leaving Treshae with the body of her sister. (Troupe had by then departed.) On Nov. 10, he finally called police. This, because his daughter's body was beginning to smell.

Police found Trenay dead and Treshae, cowering in the shower, nursing bruises, burns and a broken arm. That's on the outside. The most devastating injuries are often the ones that can't be seen.

We don't yet know whether we could have done something to protect Trenay and Treshae. A Child Protective Services spokeswoman said the agency had no reports that Duchane or Troupe had abused the girls but added that a summary of its involvement with Trenay will be released in a week or two.

What we do know is that the Legislature soon will return to the Capitol where our leaders will see a long-overdue proposal to make CPS more transparent and therefore more accountable for what it does -- and doesn't do. Along with that should come more money so that this shamefully under funded agency can do a better job.

That'll be a tough sell in a tight budget year. It shouldn't be. All they need to do is remember Trenay, gone now, and her 9-year-old sister, left to live with unspeakable memories.

And 4-year-old Ariana Payne, her battered body found in February, stuffed into a storage tub. And Ariana's brother Tyler, 5, whose body is believed to be out there somewhere, in a landfill.

All they need do is remember 5-year-old Brandon Williams, beaten to death in March, and Gregory Friederich, who died in August at the ripe old age of two months, having endured a fractured skull, two broken ribs and a lacerated liver. And Chloe Chance, 3, killed in January.

All they need to do ask for a picture of 4-month-old Daniel Bechtel, found dead in a baby swing in April. At four pounds, little Daniel looked as if he'd endured the Holocaust.

In truth, he'd just endured life as a child in Arizona.

(Column published Nov. 17, 2007)

posted by LaurieRoberts on Friday, November 16, 2007 at 04:58 PM
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posted by Kathleen79 on Nov 16, 2007 at 09:00 PM

It's not safe to be a child in the State of Arizona. 

The Governor, who ran on CPS reform then dropped the subject like a hot potatoe doesn't care about kids and their safety and well being.

The Legislature really doesn't care since the laws are so lax compared to other states.  But then, kids don't vote or have money for political donations.

The parents don't care. The public doesn't care, they just complain now and then...and too soon forget.

Someone should put a Mr Yuk sticker on the state logo...

Report Violation
posted by Rosemary2113 on Nov 16, 2007 at 09:04 PM

These are the stories that no on wants to hear about. They would rather cover their ears and close their eyes. Why is it that the death of a dog can create such an uproar in the community and yet this poor childs death elicits dead silence.

Maybe CPS needs to be disbanded and something new has to be created.  A sanctuary for kids with adults who care and are able to protect them. Maybe we need to focus on how to prevent more deaths by educating the parents on how sacred our children are.

Maybe no one cares.

Report Violation
posted by Sally3577 on Nov 16, 2007 at 09:26 PM

Do not blame Arizonans for child abuse.  This is endemic worldwide.    Worldwide there are agencies which are ineffectual - and that is being kind.

Call it CPS, Call it CYPS, Call it whatever you like.   I will call it inefficiency beyond the pale.  I will call it madness and selfishness and vileness beyond the pale.

What makes an adult abuse a child?    I cannot fathom what it is.   It does not enter my realm of thought.   

Children are the most precious assets the world has.   Children are the future.   Children are small beings we nurture and love and teach and guide.   Beyond all that, however, we protect.

When I read these stories locally and in world wide publications, I want to be physically ill.   My heart breaks.    I was blessed with one child but two others were taken away before they took their first breath............and there are many heartbroken couples in this world who cannot even have one child.    

God bless the souls of those wee mites who died terrible deaths.    This is not the only sickening case of which I have read recently.   The others were of smaller children.   Here in Arizona, a mother, so self absorbed she left her child in a car........oh no...she didnt beat him, she didnt drown or burn him, but she may as well have.


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posted by Mark3892 on Nov 16, 2007 at 09:47 PM

These stories will do away. The memories of these dead children will fade. We will forget their names.

Another one will come along. A child will be beaten to death by mom's boyfriend. A mother will starve her daughter.  Some sorry excuse for a human being will strangle a child for a messy room.

We'll forget that one too.

Some politician will run a campaign on CPS reform. Much like our Governor did.

We'll elect them. We'll forget the promise.

Another child will die. Another Ariana. Another Brandon. Another Treyana.

We'll forget them too.

Report Violation
posted by WeLoveChloe on Nov 16, 2007 at 10:40 PM
These are only some of the children that have been murdered this year at the hands of people who where suppose to love them. Much more have died and been abused by loved ones. There is no excuse for harming a child.   CPS does need to open it books and cases so that we can fix the problems that are not working. First and foremost the need to investigate charges criminal checks, drug test all involved, and not just rely on the family for the truth, ask the neighbors and friends so that they get the whole picture. CPS needs to learn how to handle calls from citizens to help children, right now they tend to only believe the police, health care profession, or the school reports. They also need more money and more programs for the drug abusers. 80 percent of all CPS case involves drugs of some sort.  

Society needs to step up and do its part. Hearing the statement from a neighbor that it is always noisy here is not a excuse not to seek help for the Duchane girls. There is a difference between noisy and someone being hurt. We all know that these two children where screaming for their lives and no one stood up and called for help. There is no excuse for neighbors just standing on the sidelines and watching, step up do something, make a call to CPS, call the police, step in and allow these children be children. I never want to hear these words again "we should of called CPS", after a child is abuse and/or murdered.

Make the phone call, please, stand up for the children, get involed. There should be all out campaign for "Zero Torrance for Child Abuse" just like the campaign for "Zero Torrance for Drowning".

Report Violation
posted by aprilrain1986 on Nov 17, 2007 at 04:05 AM

OMG!  How can a parent, a friend, a loved one, a parent's partner or someone that a child looks up to literally with their little eyes, their huge smile, their heart beating and their not understanding as to why they are suffering for things they cannot comprehend, the physical pain they endure for they are just wanting to play, do what they see they are to do at their age no matter what their age is...and fighting for their last breath.  How can a parent starve their 4 month old baby and it just weigh 4 pounds?  I cannot believe these parents!!!  God be with these tiny souls and shall they play forever in babyland with their deceased loved ones and make new angel friends.  These children were no accident in someone's life or lives!  God blessed these parents with these beautiful children and they killed them like if they were the devil.  Just because children do not mind or are not compliant does not give means for ANY abuse!  These children are not hurting NOTHING when they do not mind, they are not killing when they do not mind, they are simply learning life....stop taking life from them!!!  Child abuse is taking life from them for the memories of pain is what these children will endure if they are not killed for nothing...if you cannot handle yourself then call someone to get the child before it is too late for that child!!!  It is not the child you cannot handle, it is the person who abuses that cannot handle their own self!  Parents should hug their children at every chance, praise them, play with them, hold them, show they are loved....not hated.....If it was humanly possible I would love to have so much money to be able to build a home and keep adding to it as children were dropped off to be loved and given a home where he or she felt safe.  To all you parents who cannot control yourself, please, get help...

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posted by kurt7 on Nov 17, 2007 at 05:08 AM

It is terrible. I do wonder how often it occurs that we don’t even hear of it. How many children are tossed that are never missed. A case in Flagstaff just a week or so ago is a perfect example. The only reason it came to light at all is that the biological mother needed medical attention for bleeding. Had she not needed the medical attention the case would have never been known. It was reported that she threw her new born baby into the trash as a matter of expediency to get back to more important matters. The local newspaper lightly covered the story with a small blip about searching the landfill for the cast off nuisance and that was the end of it. All gone, all better. It happened in one of the high dollar dorms on campus so there was no need to make too much of a stink. Maybe we all just make too much out of this sort of thing. Maybe it is far more common than we would like to admit and we should just get over it. We collectively like to complain about individual cases but in truth do very little to actually change matters. Next week is Thanksgiving and then comes Christmas, lets just move on, OK.

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posted by Ann16 on Nov 17, 2007 at 05:46 AM

This will be a very contentious campaign season.  There are several seats that will be challenged; the children of Arizona can be the issue if we make it our prioroity. 

We need to start with healthy and safe homes, schools that serve our children and a legislature that recognizes words like safety and education really  mean more than a great sound bite for a camapign stump speech.

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posted by drewl on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:02 AM

After 2 years of working in the Child Welfare System in Arizona under a "non-profit" agency, it is obvious that an alternative method must be implemented to protect the State's children, thus the alternative lies with a sake and secure location for the children upon removal.  Starlight Ranch is at "grass roots" level of development and will offer the NEEDED protection, and social development for these victimized children.  What ever happened to "being a kid", as I did while groing up in the Valley of the Sun?.....Now is the time for those who have grown up in Phoenix when it was not an overpopulated, socially inappropriate community to "rally" and make a change.  Life as a child in the 1960's and 1970's in Phoenix was not a battleground for drugs and violence, and time for change is NOW.  Starlight Ranch is developing just for this matter, and being a difficult year for the State budget does not indicate available funding for such environment and WHY seek "outside" funding when the State of Arizona resists appropriation of such?..Any input or funding thoughts can be relayed to <>   

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posted by anonymous4389 on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:05 AM

Too bad there is not a law for girl friends

and boy friends to baby sit the other children.

This can happen in any family and in step

families, too.

I was wondering why the school system

did not report to authorities these kids

were not in school since Tuesday..?

Do we still have truant officers?

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posted by Paul81 on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:05 AM

Once again Laurie Roberts has put her unique gift of bringing such injustices as these to light.

 Child abuse us not a new problem. It has been with us down through the ages and I'm afriad we will necer legislate it away. Having said that however, something certainly needs to be done with these "parents"and "boyfriends" who so horribly abuse and kill these little ones.

 Children are the future of our civilization! They are not punching bags to be knocked around by adults who have no concept of reality! They are not pinatas to be clubbed just to see what pours out of them! (It's their life that pours out!) and yet we hear these horror stories almos weekly or even sometimes daily!

God help us all if these atrocities are allowed to continue!

Thank you Ms. Roberts, for keeping the flame alive! Keep us all aware of the actions of the scum of the eart's doings! Well written column!



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posted by wavygravy on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:07 AM

Well said mark.

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posted by joelazcr on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:28 AM

Start by traing the sherrif's department, social workers, and the attorney general's office in how to handle these cases.



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posted by azmomwhocares on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:52 AM

Arizona does not care at all about children in this state.  And it is an across the board lack of concern from Legislature, CPS, the police departments and the courts.

Maybe if this state actually did care - and did what is in the best interest of the child - we would not have to continually read or see stories on the news.  But even more important, my daughter would not have to be living her own little hell right now.

For those of us parents that do care, and have continually told the courts about actions of the other "parent" - and that term is used VERY loosely - we live our own hell.  I have learned one thing, telling the truth doesn't pay off and a child speaking up for themselves doesn't matter at all!!!!!  I am trying desperatly to not allow my child to become another statistic in this state - with absolutely no help at all from the courts and just recently the police departments.

Maybe it's really no wonder why children grow up so bitter and angry - I mean the very people that are supposed to be there to protect them are failing them MISERABLY!!!!!

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posted by dbqdawg on Nov 17, 2007 at 08:07 AM

A Child Protective Services spokeswoman said the agency had no reports that Duchane or Troupe had abused the girls ...

If the next door neighbors don't  report the screams and THEY hear, how will CPS 'hear' about the abuse?

If someone other than the parents need to be blamed, find those that 'thought someone else would call', or 'were too busy'....We need to blame ourselves, if we don't get involved, but first, let's blame the retarded dad who worked and left his children in the care of a psycho, and contiued to go to work WHILE HIS DEAD DAUGHTER AND INJURED DAUGHTER WERE LOCKED IN A BATHROOM FOR DAYS?!?    HOW IS CPS GOING TO STOP HIM FROM HIS CHOICE OF A PARTNER?

Sounds like a job for the Morality Police Department.....

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posted by Bradley6496 on Nov 17, 2007 at 08:10 AM

The same should happen to the guilty as what happend to the victim.  Her death should be through scalding water and beaten with an electrical cord.  Perhaps if we stopped being so politicially correct all the time and made some hard line decisions, such as, these types of crime will not be tolerated under any circumstances, perhaps we wouldn't be reading about them on a weekly basis.

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posted by Vincenzina on Nov 17, 2007 at 08:55 AM

All of Arizona's agencies are subject to "Sunset Laws", that is to the agencies being dismantled if they are no longer functioning properly.  They come up for review every five or seven years.  I will never forget a CPS Sunset hearing in the 1980's.  The then Director was called to testify.  She was a psychologist.  One of the Legislators on the panel asked her what would happen if a call came in the middle of the night that a child was in mortal danger and there were no beds.  Her response?  "How do you expect me to know?  I've only been on the job two years."  Surely I misunderstood Dr. Carol Kamin.  Later she was asked by another Legislator, "If your agency got a call during the middle of the night that two children were in danger, one that had been physically abused and one that was sexually abused and you only had one bed, which child would you save?"  Her response was equally compassionate:  "We'd save the child that was physically abused; the child who was sexually abused was not in any danger..."  At that point I had to leave the hearing room because I felt ill.  To my knowledge, Dr. Kamin is no longer with CPS.  CPS staff is overworked and underpaid in their efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens.  Something must be done.  I called Child Protective Services a year ago when a neighbor's child, not yet two, ran out of their home and went running down a street.  I happened to be outside talking to another neighbor.  While eight adults live in that house (another story!), no one came out after the baby.  I went running after her and caught up with her.  Since she did not speak English I could not communicate with her.  I'm sure she was thinking, "Who was this strange woman, holding her?"  By the time I walked back to her home one of the adults was coming out.  I could not communicate with her, either.  I called CPS.  Nothing was done.  Eleven people in a 1400 square foot home, none of the adults or teenagers keeping an eye on the baby and nothing was done.  Bradley6496 has a point.  That, too, is my gut reaction but, of course, we do not live in the Middle East; an "eye for an eye" is not the law of our land.  As to dbqdawg, I don't understand how the neighbors could not have heard and I am sure that this was not the first time these girls were beaten.  Years ago I lived in an apartment.  Two young women and the infant daughter of one one of them, less than six months old, lived in the apartment above mine with two large dogs.  I had just had surgery and could not walk but was awakened about one a.m. by the dogs barking and the baby crying.  I called CPS and the worker argued with me:  "Why don't you call your apartment manager?  Are you sure the child is in danger?"  By this time the baby had been crying for more than 20 minutes.  Finally, I hung up and called the Police.  The two women got home just as the police were being let into the apartment.  The baby was on a mattress on the floor.  The women insisted that they had only been gone for five minutes.  Shortly after, they moved out of the apartment.  This was just a few months after a young woman in NYC left her Great Dane in an apartment with her newborn on a mattress.  She had not fed the dog for days and went out to buy food.  When she came back, her baby was gone.  We need to protect the most needy of our citizens: children under the age of 16, physically and mentally handicapped and the elderly over the age of 70.  Those should be our priorities as a humane society.  Providing benefits for those who do not pay into our government should not come before the welfare of those who are citizens.  We have to make a choice or there will be more Trenay's and Treshae's.  If we are humane beings we ARE a village.  We cannot walk past this abuse and ignore it.  And something must be done about CPS.  And now!  This situation has been going on for at least 30 years.  It's time to stop.  It's time for Sunset Laws to take effect.

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posted by Cynic on Nov 17, 2007 at 09:13 AM

WOOOHOOO Bradley!!!  You have voiced my opinion to a "T"!  I have long been an advocate for "an eye for an eye".  This is especially so in the case of children who have died at the hands of those who are left to care for them.  I, too, am so sick and tired of the politically correct environment that we find ourselves in.  The world has gone completely insane.  There were a lot of comments about how our govenor ran her campaign based on promises of Child Welfare reform.  This is an excellent point to support why I no longer vote.  People tell me that I am giving up a right when I refuse to vote.  Please ... does anyone really think it matters?!  The politicians will say and promise anything under the sun in order to get what they want.  There is never a shred of truth behind what they say and promise.  To them, it is a means to an end.  Just like now where Hillary Clinton is riding on her ability to garner the women's vote and Obama the black vote.  Neither of these candidates have anything to offer this country but more heartache and insurmountable issues.

Don't even get me started on the electoral college.  It is a joke and makes your vote meaningless.

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posted by Cynic on Nov 17, 2007 at 09:22 AM

To those who have commented on why did the neighbors not intervene when they surely had to have heard the screams of these two precious children.  There is a very easy answer to that:  People no longer care.  They do not want to become involved in anything that is outside the boundaries of their own self-centered existence.  It is all about "me me me".  Americans are all about keeping up with the Jones' and if the Jones' are abusing their children, well, that is really a shame.  The mentality being that people are more concerned about what concerns *them*.  As I move through life, I can almost hear people's thoughts:  "Is what I am about to do of value to me?  No.  OK, I will walk away from it."

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posted by jozy on Nov 17, 2007 at 09:43 AM

CPS is joke.


November 9, 2007

Dead kids' mom: CPS culpable

Tucson Citizen

The attorney for the mother of slain children Ariana and Tyler Payne has added evidence of culpability by CPS to its claim against the state in the children's deaths.   Their mother, Jamie Hallam, is trying to collect monetary damages from the state and Child Protective Services.


The state agency's workers ignored Hallam's child custody papers and told police to leave the children with their father, her ex-husband Christopher Payne, according to an outside review of the case paid for by the state and released Nov. 1.  Payne had been denied custody and visitation by a judge in the couple's divorce proceedings.  Payne is now charged with first-degree murder in the deaths and county prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty if he's convicted.  


The body of Ariana, 4, was found in a storage locker Feb. 18. Tyler's body has not been found. The boy, 5, is presumed dead by authorities.  In an "addendum to notice of claim," attorney Jorge Franco Jr. of Phoenix used the conclusions of CPS's independent analyst, who reviewed the agency's handling of the matter, to bolster Hallam's case against the state.  


Franco says in the addendum dated Nov. 7 that CPS supervisors failed multiple times to ensure the safety of the children.  He said that after CPS told police to leave the children with Payne, CPS never checked custody records or Payne's criminal record and never visited Payne's home for required home visits when children are suspected of being at risk.  Hallam was being investigated by CPS for alleged drug use and was not criminally charged. CPS failed to state how Hallam's alleged drug use affected the children, the outside review said.


Franco said the state has not responded to the notice of claim he filed Aug. 16 and said the state's 60-day response deadline expired Oct. 15.  He asks that the state meet with him to settle the case, although the notice of claim deadline has expired and he is free to file a lawsuit seeking damages. State law requires potential litigants to file a claim notice before they can sue state agencies.  Franco said he aims to save the state litigation costs through an out-of-court settlement.  


On Thursday, the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office released its autopsy report on Ariana Payne.

Dr. Eric D. Peters, a forensic pathologist, said the child died from "homicidal violence" that could not be specified. He certified the death as a homicide.  At around the time of death, her back was broken in half from force applied "right to left," across the child's spine.  She had healing fractures to 12 ribs and a shoulder. One rib was broken in two.  Dr. Bruce A. Anderson, a forensic pathologist, examined the remains.

The remains were found in black, plastic garbage bags inside a duffel bag that was inside a hard, blue plastic storage bin at a rented storage locker at 519 E. Prince Road.

1. Comment by cher d. (cher d) — November 8,2007 @ 8:10PM

A she was the Perfect Mother.

Give me a break!

Even her relatives (Grandfather) stated she was a "druggie".

If she and her lawyer win on this one, I think they should donate all the money to a charity for abused children of addicted parents.

2. Comment by Jose J. (#2238) — November 8,2007 @ 8:18PM

The lawyer is about is much as a low life as the kids as the killer, and the mom/drugie shouldn't get a cent.

3. Comment by elena s. (APstyle) — November 8,2007 @ 9:32PM

The mother didn't kill her children. Also, #1, obviously the mother is an addict, so why is she unworthy of help with her addiciton? Why should any money she is awarded not be used for her own recovery, if it's possible? It was her court papers that were ignorerd by the authorities. Why aren't you angry with them? They were the ones who made the decision to leave two small children with a father who - by a judge - had been denied visitation and custody. Judges usually don't make these rulings unless there's very good reason to do so. In this case, the ruling was ignored by law enforcement officers who didn't have the right to make that choice and two young kids are dead.



November 17, 2007

Fixing the system

Nov. 13, 2007 12:00 AM

In the complex world of child welfare, some things are simple:

1. Three Tucson children might be alive today if the state had focused as much attention on them before they were killed as it has since they died.

2. Abusive parents failed these children and so did Arizona's child-welfare system.

3. Other children depend on the state Child Protective Services.

4. Fixing that system will take the interest, creativity and goodwill of Arizona's elected officials in a tough budget year.

The interest and goodwill have been shown by a number of lawmakers, including Rep. Jonathan Paton, R-Tucson, Rep. Pete Hershberger, R-Tucson, and Rep. Kirk Adams, R-Mesa.

Paton says he plans to meet with Children's Action Alliance to discuss ways to improve CPS. The alliance often takes positions conservative lawmakers find difficult to embrace, and Paton is no exception. But he's looking for consensus.

"To the extent we can agree, we should agree," he says.

This is a refreshing attitude and a good example of what it will take to improve a system that too often attracts more controversy than cooperation.

Paton pushed for the public hearings on the deaths of three Tucson children. Adams began that process in his Government Committee in September. The hearing was conducted in an exemplary manner that avoided grandstanding and scapegoating.

Several problems were identified, including the need for CPS to be able to file a missing-person report with police. That could have saved 5-year-old Brandon Williams, who disappeared with his mother. He subsequently was seen with his mother by a Pima County sheriff's deputy, but CPS was not notified. The mother, Diane Marsh, and her roommate, Flower Thompson, are now charged with killing Brandon.

In the case of 4-year-old Ariana Payne and her 5-year-old brother, Tyler, CPS left the children with the father, Christopher Payne, over the objections of the mother, who was being investigated by CPS. The father and his girlfriend, Reina Gonzales, are charged with murdering the two children. When she died from "homicidal violence," Ariana had healing fractures to 12 ribs and her shoulder, according to a forensic medical examination. One rib was broken in two.

Drug abuse was a factor in both these cases, as it is in 80 percent of the cases CPS handles. Some lawmakers suggest CPS should have authority to order drug testing. Yet the state does not provide adequate funding to provide intensive treatment to all parents who need it.

An independent evaluation into the Payne and Williams cases faulted CPS for being too focused on filling out forms to see the larger picture of family dysfunction. The task of assessing a child's safety in the home was more of "a required agency event than a way of thinking."

Thinking takes time. So does doing an adequate investigation of a troubled family. But CPS caseloads make time the enemy. In a report earlier this year, CPS said it would need 220 new positions to meet the state's standard for caseloads. Later, Ken Deibert, assistant director of the Department of Economic Security, revised the number to 190.

In a tough budget year, those are tough numbers. We weren't exaggerating about the need for creativity.

Paton wants more hearings. That's a good way to keep the focus sharp.

Hershberger was not involved in the Government Committee hearing, but he attended and praised its tenor. His Children's Caucus will meet later this month to discuss concerns about how CPS handles mental-health and legal issues for children and families in the system. CPS appears to have little control over how these services are provided to families and children. This raises questions worth exploring.

In the complex world of child welfare, the continued involvement of lawmakers like these can keep the state focused on the simple fact that CPS needs help


Judge kicked off bench for flipping coin to decide custody case

Contributed by By LARRY O'DELL, Associated Press

Saturday, 03 November 2007

RICHMOND, Va. - A judge who ordered a woman to drop her pants and decided a custody dispute by flipping a coin was removed from the bench by the Virginia Supreme Court on Friday. The decision against Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge James Michael Shull of Gate City was unanimous.

"Unless our citizens can trust that judges will fairly resolve the disputes brought before our courts, and treat all litigants with dignity, our courts will lose the public's respect and confidence upon which our legal system depends," Justice Barbara Milano Keenan wrote.

According to the court, Shull admitted tossing a coin to determine which parent would have visitation with a child on Christmas. Shull said he was trying to encourage the parents to decide the issue themselves but later acknowledged that he was wrong.

The pants-dropping incidents, the court said, "were even more egregious."

The court said they occurred when a woman was seeking a protective order against a partner who she said had stabbed her in the leg. Shull knew the woman had a history of mental problems and insisted on seeing the wound, the court said.

The woman dropped her pants once to display the wound, then dropped them a second time after Shull left the bench for a closer look to determine whether the woman had received stitches.

A court bailiff testified before the commission that after the hearing, he asked Shull, "Did you see what that lady had on?" According to the bailiff, Shull replied: "Yeah, a black lacy thing ... it looked good, didn't it?" Shull denied making the comment. His attorney, Russell V. Palmore, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment Friday.

The justices could have merely censured Shull, but they noted that he had appeared before the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission in 2004 for allegedly calling a teenager a "mama's boy" and a "wuss" and advising a woman to marry her abusive boyfriend. That complaint was dismissed with an admonition to Shull to chalk it up as a learning experience.

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Georgia: DCFS Administrator Arrested For Child Cruelty

A Georgia child welfare administrator for the Department of Children and Family Services (DFCS) has been arrested for felony child cruelty according to news reports. The accused woman, Cylenthia Clark, 38, is an assistant director for Fulton County DFCS.

On March 13, 2007 News4Jax.Com published this article:DFCS Official Accused Of Spanking Daughter With Belt. According to this news report the accusation came after school officials reported that the accused woman's eight-year-old daughter had marks on her back and legs.

The mother apparently has confessed that she forced her daughter to strip down to underwear, then spanked her with a belt. She claims this isn't child abuse and that it was done because the girl misbehaved at school.

The eight year old girl and her three sisters, ages 6, 5, and 3, have all been placed in protective custody.

Because of this accusation Cylenthia Clark is having second thoughts about how child abuse cases are handled. She is quoted as saying, "It makes me very empathetic; it makes me look at some of the cases that we handle. It's something that down the line that it's something that we are really following through and getting all the questions answered before we assume that person is guilty."

And that's a good point. Is she guilty? In America we are supposed to be considered innocent before proven guilty, however for thirty years parents have complained that in child abuse cases they are considered guilty first, then forced to prove their innocence. It can be very difficult to prove that something didn't happen when government-paid experts are saying it could have.

What seems strange to me is that the arrest warrant states that the beating took place on February 7 but the school personnel didn't see the welts until February 28. That's 21 days later, and welts were still visible? If that's correct, the injuries must have been severe.

Here is another news source for this story: DCFS Official Denies Abuse


California: Verdict Against CPS for 4.9 Million!

In Orange County a mother has been awarded 4.9 million dollars in a case against CPS caseworkers and the Department of Social Services.

The mother, Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick, who lives in Seal Beach, claimed that CPS workers took her two young daughters in February 2000, and 'intentionally misinformed the court'. The children were 9 and 6 at the time.

The kids were place in Orangewood Children's Home for a month, then in a foster home for two months. After that they were placed with their father for two years. The parents now have joint custody.

Caseworkers failed to inform the court that the children were emotionally distressed by being separated from their parents, and refused to place them with relatives, whose Kinship Care rights should have been honored.

Jurors in this case wanted to send a message to social workers by awarding such a large amount of money to the mother.

The Director of Social Services was surprised, saying that he cannot recall ever seeing such a large settlement award (4.9 million dollars) but stated also that the caseworkers named in the lawsuit will keep their jobs, and that he supports their decisions.

Source: LA Times

I would like to remind the CPS director of this case in 2000: 4 million settlement in LA for a brain damaged foster child - too many CPS drugs ruined this child for life!


 Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies

Bill Hahn
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Practicing family attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and dirty tricks motivated by federal funding.

Every year thousands of families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a practicing constitutional and family law attorney in Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare has only begun.

Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of The New American magazine.

Hession's articles highlight true stories of families who have been targeted by CPS agencies. All the families discussed are Hession's clients.

Hession writes that state CPS agencies continually yank children out of good, loving homes based on flimsy allegations of child abuse. He asserts that the child protection business generates so much money, and employs so many social workers, therapists, lawyers and other professionals, that it needs a steady flow of cases to keep all of these workers employed. In Mass., the cost of these state services totals into the billions of dollars, which the state can leverage to obtain prodigious quantities of federal reimbursement monies.

In 2005, more than 3.3 million reports involving 6 million children were made to state child-abuse hot lines. The vast majority of these eventually proved to be untrue. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services show 40 percent of allegations are initially screened out. Of the remaining 60 percent, nearly two-thirds of child-abuse investigations are unsubstantiated. Yet, more than 500,000 children are currently in foster care and another 300,000 or so are forcibly removed from their homes by the system every year.

Hession states that genuine child abuse obviously does exist and those involved in its practice need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. However, he writes that most people would likely disagree with CPS in how it defines abuse or neglect. Families are attacked for home-schooling or spanking their children, for not overseeing all play activities, or for when a child has an accident. Only a small percentage of the 3.3 million reported cases annually prove to be genuine abuse, and the system does a bad job of sorting it out.

The articles conclude that millions of children are imperiled by this imperious, abusive CPS system, which works quietly without much public scrutiny. Change will likely come only when the cruelties have been exposed, and the public reaffirms that raising children is the responsibility of families, not the state.