Free The Children Coalition

Setting the Captives Free

Ø      A system for receiving, screening and investigating reports of child abuse and neglect of foster children, with sufficient number of workers to ensure that all reports are investigated in the manner and within time frames provided by law.

Ø      Regional services in every region of the state that include a full range of community- based services to support and preserve the biological families of foster children in state custody, and to enable children to be reunified with their biological families safely and as quickly as possible.

Ø       Maximum limits on the number of foster children's cases handled by a single case worker, and maximum limits on number of case workers overseen by a single supervisor.

Ø      All DCF/CPS employees receive a background check yearly

Ø      All foster parents be given an FBI background check, mandatory.    

Ø      All DCF/CPS employees receive a mental health evaluation prior to hire.

Ø      All foster caregivers submit a financial report yearly if they intend on fostering kids.

Ø      All foster caregivers receive a mental health evaluation prior to involvement as licensed foster caregiver.

Ø      All foster caregivers to have stable secure jobs outside of foster care giving.  No foster caregiver is to rely on the income of monies received from the Department of Social Services as their sole income.  Foster caregivers must, like the parents, be able to prove that they can support the children they are seeking to care for.

Ø      CPS does NOT EQUAL Foster Care Adoption process only permissible to children who qualify under the term of an ORPHAN, that being a child who is abandoned by willful verbal statement(s) to the Court under oath that they are not interested in rearing their biological child(ren) or a child that has been left without ANY KINSHIP CARE RELATIVES through traumatic accident, or death of natural family members.

Ø      Hearsay Evidence not permissible in any court of family law.

Ø      Right of parents and other interested biological family members to communicate with their children

Ø      Right of children processed through the foster care programs to communicate with their biological family members

Ø      Right of parents and other interested biological family members to be provided with updates of their children who have been "enrolled" in foster care to obtain reports on progress of children, photographs of children

Ø      Criminal charges to be immediately initiated against any social service department employee, whether an agent or supervisor, or any other social service employee who has been notified in writing of criminal activity involving intentional false reports (i.e. intentional false allegations) submitted in its reports to the Court by social service departments employees as incriminating evidence against a parent or other affected or interested family member of the children who has a familiar interest in the custody of the child(ren) in foster care program which is state or federally funded.

Ø      No hearing or trial shall be allowed to be “closed” at the discretion of the Court, or at the request of any party to the custody proceedings, except the biological family of the child(ren) who is the subject(s) of the family law or juvenile dependency court proceeding.